English Garden in Munich

A live stroll through Munich’s leisure town park.

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Munich, located in the heart of Europe. Even though the Ocean is far away, you’ll see people carrying Surfboards through the city! How come? Well come join this Live streaming Tour and find out!

The famous Englischer Garden is Munich’s main leisure park for more than 200 years. Encompassing 2 ½ square miles, it is one of the biggest city parks in the world! Even bigger than Central Park in New York.

It was started in 1789 when Elector Karl Theodor commissioned a public park. He called this new park the Englischer Garden because it was designed to look like a quaint English countryside, created by an American, born in Massachusetts.

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This tour will take approximately one hour.

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Best times for this tour are spring through fall.

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English Garden 2 | Munich experience by Franz Schega


One of the countless attractions in the park is the world famous beer garden at the Chinese Tower. Here some 7000 seats are offered which makes it the second largest beer garden in Munich. The tower has burned down several times over the years but each time it was rebuilt using the original plans. Once a year an early morning Ball takes place in Summer. You’ll learn about the story behind it during the livestream.

Today, the Englischer Garten offers numerous activities. Cyclists and joggers can utilize the 78-kilometer-long (48.5 miles) network of paths and amateur soccer players can meet on the fields for pick up games. A beautiful view of the city center is offered at the Monopteros, added to the park landscape along with the hill it sits on in 1836. The Japanese tea house first opened in 1972 at the south end of the park on an artificial island on Schwabinger Bach (stream). Japanese tea ceremonies are performed here regularly.

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